Melanie Driver - plansOnce the design for your new garden has been agreed, detailed plans, drawn from a land survey will be required to accurately build it.

These documents may take the form of:

  • A planting plan detailing each species botanical name and its exact location.
  • Plans for hard landscaping features detailing their position and levels.
  • Specifications for materials and fixed elements like stone, wood, planters, water features, lighting, sculptures etc.
  • Perspective views and 3D models. (These are useful for visualising complex designs).
  • Landscape plans to support planning applications if they are required.

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Other services we offer… 

Site Survey and Analysis

We will take detailed measurements of the garden (in the case of larger projects an outsourced landscape survey will be required) orientation, microclimate, photographs and soil analysis Read More

Construction Drawings

Following the agreed design, we prepare detailed construction drawings, setting out plans and specifications for materials on which the landscape contractor will base a quote. Read More